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Before you begin.
What you need to know.
Jazz IS NOT a "masking agent." It does not "hide" toxins. Jazz works with your body to eliminate toxins naturally. Jazz gets you clean FAST if you follow these directions EXACTLY.

Jazz IS NOT an herbal flush. It contains only laboratory grade compounds to enhance metacellular respiration and promote toxin and waste elimination from EVERY major body system including:

  • Urine
  • Blood
  • Sweat
  • Tears
  • Saliva
  • Liver
  • Digestive
  • Lymph

 Just drink the entire bottle.  Refill with water or a drink of your choice at least THREE times. Finish drinking everything within 30 minutes. If you weigh over 230 pounds, you will need two bottles. If you use 2 bottles of JAZZ, just follow the instructions on 1 of them. You can expect maximum detoxification AFTER URINATING 3-4 times. Drink more liquid if you have to. This may take 60-90 minutes or more.

Common Questions

Question: How long will I stay "clean"?
Answer: You will stay clean for as long as 5 hours after you finish taking Jazz Total Detox. But your PEAK clean time will be AFTER URINATING 3-4 times. Then toxins will seep back from your fat cells.

Question: What if I have been exposed to toxins in the last 48 hours?
Answer: Use Jazz Total Detox One Hour Caps as soon as possible before using the Jazz Total Detox One Hour Liquid Concentrate.

Question: Why are there no herbs in Jazz Total Detox?
Answer: Herbal cleansers have questionable potencies and do not always work. Jazz ingredients are made the same way that drugs and vitamins are. Their potency are carefully controlled and monitored. With herbs you don't know what you are getting.

Question: How can Jazz Total Detox clean every major body system?
Answer: Jazz Total Detox works at the CELLULAR level. It is here that major toxic waste removal occurs. Jazz ingredients work at this level because they are more bioavailable than herbal preparations.

Question: I weigh more than 230 pounds. Will Jazz work for me?
Answer: Yes, but you will need two bottles.

Question: Is Jazz safe?
Answer: If you have any questions about Jazz being right for you, ask your doctor. We cannot give medical advice.

Question: Is it guaranteed to work?
Answer: Jazz products will work for over 96% of the people that use them. Most of the time it does not work is because people did not follow the directions EXACTLY. If it doesn't work for you, we will give you a refund. Some restrictions apply so call us at 800 486-2815 and find out what you need to do.

Question: I am exposed to toxins regularly. Is there anything I can do to get a "head start?"
Answer: Y
es. Use Jazz Jump Start Daily Edge. Just take one capsule per day and put your body on 24 hour detox alert. When you need to detox rapidly, Jazz Jump Start will give you the edge.

For any other questions, call (800) 486-2815, M-F 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Central Standard Time.

DISCLAIMER: No statement on this sheet or anywhere on the product package is intended to replace the advice of a health care professional. Nor is any statement intended to prescribe or diagnose for any ailment or illness. Jazz products are to be used as food supplements only.